Sunday, November 2, 2008

Will Smith - The Keys to Life

Will Smith, one of the most respected actors and family man in Hollywood talks at a Nickelodeon Awards to children about the keys to life. I have always respected him as a person; he is a man of integrity and character and a role model to many.

He speaks about the keys to life; running and reading
What he said about running is so true. It does take a level of will power (no pun intended) to run long distances. If you are not only able to run, but to go beyond your personal limit, you will achieve greatness in other aspects of your life and truly understand the meaning of perseverance.  Many long distance runners would tell you that in preparing for a marathon there is more mental preparation needed than anything else.

He then talks about reading. This I fully relate to. I am not much of a runner, but I do get the idea. Reading, however, is very important at a certain level. It opens up the mind to ideas and as he said, all solutions are already out there. Increasing one's capacity to think critically and develop one's own ideas is probably the most important thing one can do for the mind. Only then can you be free. "Knowledge is power when it releases you from ignorance." Read as much as you can and create your own perspective and opinions. Old ways of thinking are just that; allow yourself to open up to new ideas that adapts to the new times. Free yourself by freeing your mind.

Well done Will Smith.

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  1. i just hope them kids were really listening lol